By hosting the Fourth International Architectural Conservation Conference and Exhibition, Dubai Municipality is reflecting the great care devoted to achieving its vision of turning Dubai into one of the sustainable cities in the world. As in any city aiming to doing so, conservation of cultural heritage is considered key to a sustainable development and a major contributor to defining goals and strategies of such an approach.

As a reflection of such an aim, the Architectural Heritage Department of Dubai Municipality  is set  to organize an international event under the title of “Sustainable Heritage: a Global Vision,Local Experiences“.

This event comes as one of Dubai Municipality projects that contribute to the conservation of architectural heritage, making it integral part of the society’s present and future needs.

The conference aims at tackling fundamental questions about the conservation of cultural heritage as a methodology and approach for achieving sustainability in the light of urban development challenges and the fast developing field of technology. Such involves applying modern concepts, effective strategies and smart solutions in an integrated field of conservations and sustainability. The conference also aims at displaying local successful implications of such an approach and establishing a platform for exchange of information among global, regional and national organizations involved in the field of architectural heritage conservation.

Scientific research papers submitted at this conference will be a great resource and a strong intellectual link to such goals that we all seek to achieve. We hope that the collected researches and studies will be a key reference to the professional community, assisting in implementing sustainable decisions in the field of architectural heritage conservation.

Rashad M. Bukhash

Chairman of the Organizing Committee